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Introduction to Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a natural adjunct to Virtual Worlds (VW), although it is a step beyond. VR allows the user to see a presentation on a display in 3D instead of a simple, flat 2 dimensions. Before VR headsets became available, VWs existed in 3 dimensions, but could only be viewed in 2D.

How VR Works

Why VR is Important for VWs

Viewers for VR

To use sites or apps that display VR, it is necessary to have a headset or 3D glasses.
Hypergrid Business, an online newsletter by Maria Korolov, frequently publishes reviews of VR devices along with business developments in the field.

Current Events in VR Business & Research

an article from re/code by Mark Bergen
an article on the Sketchfab blog, by Alban, cofounder & CEO of Sketchfab