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Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies

See the page ISM's Specialized Vocabulary for details on these taxonomies used by ISM's schema
  • Dublin Core
  • Creative Commons
  • ISM Terms


Omeka Information

Omeka is a specialized web-based database that employs metadata to organize a collection.
See the Omeka website for information about the application and codexes it uses.
In particular, this page explains how Dublin Core is used by Omeka users.
Predefined Item Types
Omeka has 16 item types already defined. See Omeka Item Types for their names and definitions.
The item type list in Omeka can be edited to include, for example, ISM's specialized vocabulary, making it easy to implement new terms.

ISM's Omeka Installation

At this time, the application is installed, but is empty pending definition of ISM's metadata vocabulary.
See ISM's Omeka page to access the collection. (empty)
An item may belong to only one collection at a time, so we will use tags to identify how individual items are used in various places. For instance, if a copy of the JEM module for ISS is used in both Second Life and in Kitely and in an OAR called "Space Station", we would add tags "SL", "Kitely" and "Space Station OAR" to the JEM item listing in our Omeka database. At this time the "Collection" category does not seem to be useful for our purposes.
Administering ISM's Omeka installation
If you are a member of the ISM Metadata group and wish to add records to the database, login here.