To Do List

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This page is a primitive project management tool.

[x] Create Metadata work group in Kitely

[x] Install wiki software

[x] Add existing materials to wiki

[x] Create users with editing privileges

[x] Make draft list of required terms

[x] Research published vocabularies for reusable terms

[x] Create new terms where no matching ones can be found

[x] Write definitions of each element or term as we will use them, including those from existing taxonomies

[ ] Create a provisional database to try out our controlled vocabulary, using a web-displayed view with drop-down menus for controlled value lists

For the present, we will use Omeka to build and display our provisional database.
[x] Enter our terms and their definitions in Omeka's "Item Types" page
[ ] Configure the controlled vocabulary menus to display our value lists where appropriate

[ ] Begin entering records in the provisional database for testing purposes, to help discover necessary adjustments