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Artemis Lunar Lander RFP

This is a request for proposals to build [virtual models of] each of the three NASA approved Artemis lunar landers as described below:

Integrated Lander Vehicle

The Integrated Lander Vehicle (ILV) or National Human Landing System (NHLS) is a lunar lander currently development by the "national team" which is led by Blue Origin. It also includes Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper Laboratory as major partners, as of 2020. The main selling point of the lander is all the components have been in development in one form or another for some time. The transfer stage is based off of the Cygnus spacecraft, the Blue Moon will be used as the descent stage, and the ascent stage will be based on the Orion spacecraft. It will be launched in three parts on both the New Glenn and Vulcan rockets but could be launched on a single SLS Block 1B. The vehicle passes all of NASA's requirements but faces risk with its power and propulsion systems which pose a significant risk to the developmental timeline according to NASA.[88][89]

Starship Human Landing System

The Starship Human Landing System (Starship HLS) was selected by NASA for potential use for long-duration crewed lunar landings as part of NASA's Artemis program. The Starship HLS variant is being designed to stay on and around the Moon and as such both the heat shield and air-brakes—integral parts of the main Starship design—are not included in the Starship HLS design. The variant will use high-thrust methox RCS thrusters located mid-body on Starship HLS during the final "tens of meters" of the terminal lunar descent and landing,, and will also include a smaller crew area and a much larger cargo bay, be powered by a solar array located on its nose below the docking port. SpaceX intends to use the same high-thrust RCS thrusters for liftoff from the lunar surface. If built, the HLS variant would be launched to lunar orbit via the Super Heavy booster and would use orbital refueling to reload propellants into Starship HLS for the lunar transit and lunar landing operations. In the mission concept, a NASA Orion spacecraft would carry a NASA crew to the lander where they would depart and descend to the surface in Starship HLS. After Lunar surface operations, it would ascend using the same Starship HLS vehicle and return the crew to the Orion. Although not confirmed yet, the vehicle in theory could be refueled in orbit to carry more crews and cargo to the surface. NASA has stated that the biggest risk for this proposal would be the complicated reaction control system as well as main propulsion structure.[41][89]

Dynetics Human Landing System

The Dynetics Human Landing System (DHLS) is under development by Dynetics and Sierra Nevada Corporation as well as a multitude of subcontractors. Its design is very similar to early SEI lunar lander proposals (1989–1993) with a low crew cabin and large solar panels, as of 2020. It is the smallest of the three proposals. It consists of a single main structure and would rely on drop tanks to power a majority of the descent. The same main spacecraft structure would then ascend back into orbit and rendezvous with Orion or the Lunar Gateway. The vehicle could also be used to easily deliver large payloads to the lunar surface and could be modified to act as a lunar base module. It will launch on a ULA Vulcan rocket but can also fly on an SLS Block 1B rocket. The biggest issue identified according to NASA is its advanced experimental thrust structure and that it could pose threat to the development time.[90]

Each builder can bid on one of the three. Please submit with your proposal a signed copy of the ISM creator agreement which will define the terms under which ISM will accept each submission. Creators will provide a fixed price bid of the amount they want for the build, and a projected delivery date that the content will be delivered complete and fully permed and as a Blender and or collada files with all relevant textures and description of any parts and texturing specs.


Less than 20k verts or 10k tris 8 materials per object All materials properly mapped

Bid Submission deadline: Aug 15 Winning bids announced: Sept 15

ISM In-World Builder Agreement

As a member of the ISM Planning Group in the Builder role you agree to abide by the terms of [ the referenced license] and to follow these procedures:

• share all original source files (mesh, texture, etc.) and a text file describing any information you consider useful to others in “reconstituting” the object;

• content will list ISM’s [official exhibits avatar] as “Creator” to facilitate saving in OARs and similar applications, though you will be listed as the actual creator in the “Description” field or in a similar manner;

• please name all components with clarity in mind;

• objects under construction should only be rezzed in-world in officially designated locations (i.e., “ISM Sandbox” in Kitely), and not elsewhere in ISM-controlled virtual space;

• Objects shall be “Shared with group” for purposes of collaboration and convenience; anything NOT shared with group is subject to return.

If there are specific aspects of this agreement that are not acceptable to you, please let us know so we can determine whether other arrangements are possible.

ISM Creator’s Agreement cover sheet

This agreement is between ISMuseum (EIN: ) and [ Creator’s name ] for [ project name and brief description ], for which see the attached Statement of Work.

The deadline for completion of this work shall be [ date / or day span from final signature date ].

ISMuseum agrees to pay [ amount and unit type ] via [ payment method: account info ] to [ Creator’s name ] upon completion of this project and acceptance by ISMuseum.

The controlling license shall be [ Creative Commons 3.0 / Work-for-hire agreement (as yet unspecified / other license agreement ] as attached.

Any disputes which can not be otherwise resolved shall be adjudicated according to the Laws of the State of Texas.

[ ISM party name / contact info / (signature) / date signed ]

[ Creator party name / contact info / (signature) / date signed ]

Submit to: