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What is Metadata?

One thing the Edward Snowden affair has done for (or to?) the knowledge industry is to make "metadata" a household word, even if it is poorly or not understood at all by most people who throw the term around. In its most simplistic definition, metadata is transliterated as "data about data" but of course that tells us practically nothing. For our purposes at the museum we propose to create metadata about our exhibits and infrastructure rather than to collect it as certain "three-letter agencies" are reputed to do. Essentially, what we want to generate is a database of information that helps describe and differentiate each virtual object in our collection.

Examples of the kinds of metadata we will create and store include the names of the objects, what type of object each is, who created it, what kinds of intellectual property rights to the object exist and what kind of license to use those rights are held by the museum, and so on.

ISM's Metadata Purpose Statement

To describe virtual objects used in 3D virtual worlds including source files and use licenses, to enable cataloging, reproduction, and sharing, while helping avoid duplication.

Metadata To Do List

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Metadata Glossary

This page will be frequently updated with definitions of terminology pertaining to metadata. If required, we will have a separate page for terms specifically about the ISM or our collection.

Metadata Resources and References

Most locally-generated references are archived in our Google Drive folder. You must belong to the ism-planning Google group to read them.
For other resources, click here.

ISM's Specialized Vocabulary

This is the page where we will document the specialized terms for our metadata schema

Using Metadata

Links to Omeka information and the ISM's Omeka installation.