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These are the specialized terms that are required for ISM's metadata schema that cannot be found in other standard schemas.


General Information about Terms (or Elements)

See this page to read about the rationale for reusing existing terms, and following sections about creating new terms.

"If suitable terms can be found in existing vocabularies, these should be reused to describe data wherever possible, rather than reinvented. Reuse of existing terms is highly desirable as it maximises the probability that data can be consumed by applications that may be tuned to well-known vocabularies, without requiring further pre-processing of the data or modification of the application."

DCMI 15 Elements

See this page for detailed definitions and usage suggestions for Dublin Core terms.

For the purpose of our project, the "dc:" prefix is used to make it very clear that these are DCMI terms.
  • dc:contributor
  • dc:coverage
  • dc:creator
  • dc:date
  • dc:description
  • dc:format
  • dc:identifier
  • dc:language
  • dc:publisher
  • dc:relation
  • dc:rights
  • dc:source
  • dc:subject
  • dc:title
  • dc:type

Omeka Predefined Terms

The Web app we plan to use to make our metadata widely available has guidelines for using the Dublin Core terms within the app.

See this page for the definitions of all the terms and their usage in Omeka.