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ISM exhibits

Here we catalogue all of the exhibits at our two facilities, in Second Life and Kitely.com.

Building Committee

Mike Lorrey, Chairman

Rachel Corleone

Rosa Alekseev

Asterion Coen

Kelly Bucklaew, Intern

Kayaker Magic, Scripter

All Exhibits

Exhibit Title Locations (SL = Second Life, KC = Kitely.com, D = Developing) Inst Date Prim/Mesh Creator(s)
Apollo Lunar Module SL, KC ?,4/20/17 P, M ?, Mike Lorrey
Ares I SL ? P ?
ARES - Mars Flyer SL ? P ?
Ares V SL ? P ?
Ariane I
Athena 2
Atlas V
Automated Transfer Vehicle
Black Arrow
Command Service Module
Crawler Transporter
Crew Exploration Vehicle

-Apollo Lunar Module (done)

-Ares I

-ARES - Mars Flyer

-Ares V

-Ariane 1 (done)


Athena 2

Atlas V

Automated Transfer Vehicle

Black Arrow


Cassini (done)

Command Service Module


Crew Exploration Vehicle

CZ-1 (done)

CZ-2D (done)

CZ-2E (done)

CZ-2F (done)

CZ-3B (done)

Diamant B

Diamant BP4

ESA Ariane-V

Explorer 1

F-1 Engine

Friendship 7

Gemini V

Titan II

GSLV (done)

Hubble Telescope

International Space Station

Japanese H-IIA (done)

Japanese N-1 (done)

Jupiter / Juno II

Jupiter AM-18

Jupiter-C / Juno I

Lunar Roving Vehicle (done)

Lunik Upper Stage (done)

Lunniy Korabl

Magellan (done)

Mars Exploration Rover

Mars Pathfinder (Sagan Memorial Station)

Maxus 1B (done)

Mercury 4

Minuteman II


Nearby Stars to 10 Parsecs

NEAR Eros Asteroid Probe

Pluto New Horizons

Proton (done)

PSLV (done)

R-7 Soyuz

R-7 Voskhod

Real-time Satellite Propagator

Robotic Arm

Saturn 1B

Saturn V

Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower

Shavit 1 (done)

SLV3 (done)

Solar System Simulator (partial)

Soyuz Cargo Top (done)

Soyuz Fregat-ST Top (done)

Soyuz Fregat Top (done)


Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Atlantis (done)

SpaceX Falcon-1

SpaceX Falcon-9

SpaceX Falcon-9 Heavy (done)

Sputnik 1 Top (done)

Sputnik 2 Top (done)

Titan 23B

Titan I

Titan II (done)

Titan IIIE Centaur

Titan IV

V-2 Bumper (done)

Vanguard SLV-4

Vanguard SLV-6

Vanguard TV-2

Vanguard TV-3

Vanguard TV-4

Venera-9 Lander

Viking Lander

Vostok-1 (done)

Voyager (done)

White Knight

Zenit 2 (done)

= Kitely Exhibits

Curiosity Rover

Buran Soviet Shuttle

Goddard 1 of 1926

Goddard L-13 of 1932

SpaceX Dragon 1

Soyuz Tortuga

Deep Space One


Wanted: SpaceX Barge (in process, Mike Lorrey) SpaceX FX SpaceX Dragon 2 capsules (have files, need to mesh SpaceX Colonial Transporter Sci-Fi vs Reality Exhibit ISS Cupola Sea Launch ship Soviet satellite tracker ship MarsBase 1 Tycho Base