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3D Models & Animation


open source 3D editor available for Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux
free cloud app for scanning with smartphone, tablet or digital camera
free app for designing 3D objects on PC, Mac or iPad
free cloud app for designing in 3D, from AutoDesk
free app for 3D design on iOS or Android, specifically for action figures (avatars?)
free app for editing mesh objects, also part of the AutoDesk suite of 3D design tools

Displaying 3D Models

an app for publishing and viewing 3D content on the Web

3D Printing



Beyond the many tutorials online, you can attend classes in virtual worlds on using 3d modeling applications.

Second Life: Blender Buddies Group has regular meetings/classes: Blender Buddies Group

OpenSim: There is also active Blender Buddies classes in the opensim grid of Kitely.com, a beginner class on Thursdays at 530pm, PST and a class for creating rigged clothing and avatars on Fridays at 10AM PST: Kitely Events Calendar