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Protocol: Music Events

How to plan and organize live music events.
To provide a checklist of things to do to invite musicians to perform in an event.
Event organizers


  1. Decide which musicians to invite.
    • See list below of musicians who have performed at the ISM or NSS before.
    • Look at live music events in Search to find other musicians.
    • Ask group members if they can recommend any.
  2. Invite the musicians.
    • Coordinate dates and time slots.
    • Make sure they have their own streams.
    • Do they need to rez anything? How many prims? If so, ask Kat to invite them to the group.
    • Confirm terms: Are they ok with tips only?
  3. Send a reminder close to the performance date to confirm that they're still good to go.

Musician Live or DJ? Contact info Terms Notes
Aristippus Larsson DJ Send IM.
Cypress Rosewood Live Send IM.
Emileigh Starbrook DJ - space music Send IM.
Spiral Sands Send IM.

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