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ISM on SecondLife

The International Spaceflight Museum was started in SecondLife in September 2005. Presently we have two private sims, or "islands" on this grid:
  • Spaceport Alpha
  • Spaceport Bravo
To visit the museum in SecondLife, go to the SecondLife website and create an account, and download virtual world viewer software. Start the viewer, enter your account information, and in the "Location" field on the login page, enter the name of one of the sims. Or, you can find one of the sims on the SecondLife Website map, which will open your viewer and send your avatar to that location.

ISM in Kitely

Kitely is a commercial OpenSimulator-based virtual world grid. Each sim in Kitely is started on demand, running on Amazon Web Services, so prices for "land" is relatively inexpensive. At this time, the ISM has no public location that belongs to ISMuseum, but we use a sim that belongs to ISMuseum president, Kat Lemieux, called ISM2, where we have meetings and display a few exhibits.
ISMuseum also has a private "world" in Kitely, called ISMuseum, but at present it is only open to avatars who are in the ISM Planning Group. Now HyperGrid visitors can join the group and be allowed to visit ISMuseum, too. IM Kat Lemieux in Kitely to request a membership.

Potential Future Locations

High Fidelity

A new grid being developed by Philip Rosedale, et al.



A non-OpenSim VW engine



Whatever that is


Another OpenSim grid, comes highly recommended