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ISM exhibits

Here we catalogue all of the exhibits at our two facilities, in Second Life and Kitely.com.

All Exhibits

Exhibit Title Locations (SL = Second Life, KC = Kitely.com, D = Developing) Inst Date Prim/Mesh Creator(s)
Apollo Lunar Module SL, KC ?,4/20/17 P, M ?, Mike Lorrey
Ares I SL ? P ?
ARES - Mars Flyer SL ? P ?
Ares V SL ? P ?

-Apollo Lunar Module (done)

-Ares I

-ARES - Mars Flyer

-Ares V

-Ariane 1 (done)


Athena 2

Atlas V

Automated Transfer Vehicle

Black Arrow


Cassini (done)

Command Service Module


Crew Exploration Vehicle

CZ-1 (done)

CZ-2D (done)

CZ-2E (done)

CZ-2F (done)

CZ-3B (done)

Diamant B

Diamant BP4

ESA Ariane-V

Explorer 1

F-1 Engine

Friendship 7

Gemini V

Titan II

GSLV (done)

Hubble Telescope

International Space Station

Japanese H-IIA (done)

Japanese N-1 (done)

Jupiter / Juno II

Jupiter AM-18

Jupiter-C / Juno I

Lunar Roving Vehicle (done)

Lunik Upper Stage (done)

Lunniy Korabl

Magellan (done)

Mars Exploration Rover

Mars Pathfinder (Sagan Memorial Station)

Maxus 1B (done)

Mercury 4

Minuteman II


Nearby Stars to 10 Parsecs

NEAR Eros Asteroid Probe

Pluto New Horizons

Proton (done)

PSLV (done)

R-7 Soyuz

R-7 Voskhod

Real-time Satellite Propagator

Robotic Arm

Saturn 1B

Saturn V

Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower

Shavit 1 (done)

SLV3 (done)

Solar System Simulator (partial)

Soyuz Cargo Top (done)

Soyuz Fregat-ST Top (done)

Soyuz Fregat Top (done)


Space Shuttle Endeavour

Space Shuttle Atlantis (done)

SpaceX Falcon-1

SpaceX Falcon-9

SpaceX Falcon-9 Heavy (done)

Sputnik 1 Top (done)

Sputnik 2 Top (done)

Titan 23B

Titan I

Titan II (done)

Titan IIIE Centaur

Titan IV

V-2 Bumper (done)

Vanguard SLV-4

Vanguard SLV-6

Vanguard TV-2

Vanguard TV-3

Vanguard TV-4

Venera-9 Lander

Viking Lander

Vostok-1 (done)

Voyager (done)

White Knight

Zenit 2 (done)

= Kitely Exhibits

Curiosity Rover

Buran Soviet Shuttle

Goddard 1 of 1926

Goddard L-13 of 1932

SpaceX Dragon 1

Soyuz Tortuga

Deep Space One


Wanted: SpaceX Barge (in process, Mike Lorrey) SpaceX FX SpaceX Dragon 2 capsules (have files, need to mesh SpaceX Colonial Transporter Sci-Fi vs Reality Exhibit ISS Cupola Sea Launch ship Soviet satellite tracker ship MarsBase 1 Tycho Base