Meeting chatlogs and raw chatlog files from 2018
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Meeting Start [16:27] Finish [17:45]
Chatlog recorded by Kat Lemieux and formatted by Arisia Vita

Shanna Starship: Howdy :-)

Kat Lemieux: Hi there

Shanna Starship: Just finished going through my group notice. :-)

Kat Lemieux: Cool.
I just finished hooking up my new monitor

Shanna Starship: Nice :-)

Kat Lemieux: Well, in a way. I had to buy one because the screen on my laptop is broken
The repairshop is closed for the long weekend, of course

Shanna Starship: Ouch...I see.

Kat Lemieux: Luckily, I got one on sale, though, and it works

Shanna Starship: Hmm...your hair and shoes are rezzing fine for me...the rest is there but all gray.

Kat Lemieux: I've been wanting to get an external monitor to use with my Raspberry Pi anyway, so it's not so bad.

Shanna Starship: Great :-)

Kat Lemieux: Strange

Shanna Starship: Good point.

Kat Lemieux: I'll try rebaking

Shanna Starship: Good idea

Kat Lemieux: Did that help?

Shanna Starship: Yes!

Kat Lemieux: Good!
YEah, the kitties were at it again. I had a pen sitting on the laptop and the screen/top half-lowered. One of them knocked it all the way down and sat on it. Apparently the pen poked into the LED and messed it up.

Shanna Starship: Ooof

Kat Lemieux: Anyway, this is the computer that has powersupply issues, so I'll get that fixed, too. Probably cost more than I paid for it, but less than a new one (I hope)

Shanna Starship: Good luck!

Kat Lemieux: I'm going to have the guy fix my Windows computer's partitioning, too, since I've given up on that. I miss my Oculus Rift!

Shanna Starship: :-D
Shall we be seated?

Kat Lemieux: Sure

Shanna Starship: Hmmm...
Hello Mally :-)

Kat Lemieux: Hi Mally

Shanna Starship: Looks like the seating is borked again here.

Kat Lemieux: Again? Has this happened before?
Is Mally alive?

Shanna Starship: No idea...Mally?

Kat Lemieux: I might have to eject Mally

Grid: Avatar Ejected.

Kat Lemieux: So, Mally is in the next parcel, but still in this world

Shanna Starship: That's fine

Kat Lemieux: So still costing us 1KC/minute if not a premium member

Shanna Starship: I see
Sooo...Mike shared the seating object, but not the scripts, so it doesn't look like we can do anything to fix the seating.

Kat Lemieux: So, the seats are still broken, huh?
This set is one I bought
So I can delete it and rezz a new one

Shanna Starship: Oh, cool
(didn't think to look at owner...lol)
Shanna Starship facepalms

Kat Lemieux: Oops, it's owned by Spaceflight Museum

Shanna Starship: Ahhh

Kat Lemieux: I'll just log her in to do it.
Shanna Starship ndos

Shanna Starship: /nods, even

Kat Lemieux: Let me see if I can do two viewers at once on this machine
Shanna Starship crosses her fingers
Yep, looks like it.
Gotta look up the pwd

Shanna Starship: :-D

Kat Lemieux: I could get used to having a widescreen monitor

Shanna Starship: Nice :-)

Spaceflight Museum: Hello, ladies

Shanna Starship: Howdy! ;-)

Spaceflight Museum: Let me fix this seating arrangement
Maybe that will do it?

Shanna Starship: Looks like it!

Spaceflight Museum: OK, see y'all later

Shanna Starship: Thanks :-)

Kat Lemieux: oops, looks like you have two chairs

Shanna Starship: Oh, so it does

Kat Lemieux: I'll get SF back to fix this

Shanna Starship: That's odd..."Return" wasn't grayed out, but it didn't do anything for me.

Spaceflight Museum: OK, if you'll please stand I'll just replace the whole mess

Shanna Starship: Oh, okay

Spaceflight Museum: Let's see if this works now

Shanna Starship: Looks like it

Spaceflight Museum: OK! Seems to be alright now

Shanna Starship: Did you want to move it over a tad to cover the visitor logger?

Spaceflight Museum: OK

Shanna Starship: Otherwise, seems to be working well now...yay!

Spaceflight Museum: How's that?

Shanna Starship: Looks good :-)

Spaceflight Museum: OK! I'll leave again, then. Ciao!

Shanna Starship: tc!

Kat Lemieux: Hmmm, I just noticed the mountain over there.
Somebody has been playing with the terrain

Shanna Starship: Oh, so I see.

Kat Lemieux: No matter. The ground level isn't where I see us actually working, anyway.

Shanna Starship: True I guess.
Looks like only Owners and Officers have that ability.
I don't see Ari doing that, so I'm guessing Opal.

Kat Lemieux: Maybe so.
Doesn't matter anyway. Why not?
So, about VR!

Shanna Starship: Hmm...I also notice that the two groups have the same members, so it might be useful to consider how they might be usefully differentiated....
...otherwise there isn't much point in having the two groups.

Kat Lemieux: I finished the classes for week 1 of that Coursera Intro to VR
Very true.

Shanna Starship: Anyway, something to think about for later...yay, VR.

Kat Lemieux: When creating new groups, it can take a bit of a "shake down" to decide how to set up the members & roles

Shanna Starship: Coolness...is it something you do on your own time, or are there scheduled sessions?
For sure :-)

Kat Lemieux: It's my own time.

Shanna Starship: Nice

Kat Lemieux: I like Coursera for that reason, as well as the good material

Shanna Starship: Good deal :-)
Does it require you to have any VR equipment?

Kat Lemieux: Nope. At this point it's just theory, although they do discuss equipment

Shanna Starship: Gotcha

Kat Lemieux: Pretty good rundown of what's out there, or was about a year ago when this class was recorded.

Shanna Starship: I saw your group notice about it...I might take a look.

Kat Lemieux: Some of the material is necessarily dated, but the theory is sound

Shanna Starship: Oh, I have a small bit of news on the Mac AR/VR front...

Kat Lemieux: Yeah, if nothing else the bibliographies on this classes makes it worth the price of admission (free)

Shanna Starship: ...it looks like Apple has made some pretty significant purchases and hires in the last few weeks.

Kat Lemieux: Apple's new glasses?

Shanna Starship: So they're finally getting very serious about it...

Kat Lemieux: Oh, good! It's about time they got into the game

Shanna Starship: ...we shall see what develops.
Shanna Starship nods

Kat Lemieux: One of the lectures this past week mentioned the VR nausea effect and cause.

Shanna Starship: Oh good

Kat Lemieux: Apparently it's a matter of changing point of view too quickly and the video having a little lag

Shanna Starship: I see

Kat Lemieux: The lack of synchonicity makes some people dizzy/nauseated
Shanna Starship raises her hand
Yeah, I get a little dizzy sometimes, but generally can overcome it before feeling sick

Shanna Starship: I can do that with something passive like a 3D movie, but I'm not sure that would work as well for me with VR.

Kat Lemieux: Years ago my grandmother told me the key to avoiding motion sickness when moving rapidly, like a ballerina spinning, is to focus on something instead of letting the world whirl by

Shanna Starship: Good point...I've heard that too.

Kat Lemieux: That could be more difficuult when you're trapped in a VR display, though.

Shanna Starship: True

Kat Lemieux: The lecturer, who has been working with VR since the 1990s, said he still has a little trouble with it sometimes/

Shanna Starship: Interesting

Kat Lemieux: THat reminds me of a joke I heard this week. A guy goes to the doctor and is apparently something of a hypochondriac. So the doc prescribes "overdramamine"

Shanna Starship: :-)

Kat Lemieux: It's better as a cartoon, with the patient freaking out

Shanna Starship: I can imagine...lol!
Sooo...any report from SineSpace?

Kat Lemieux: No, not this week. It's been hectic around here so I haven't done much there.
I still need to check the forum to see if my question was answered
I filed a bug report/query about admins not being able to edit a region

Shanna Starship: Ahhh....good luck!

Kat Lemieux: Thanks. I don't know if that forum emails when there's a reply or not. If not, I'll need to check in once in awhile

Shanna Starship: Gotcha

Kat Lemieux: Oh, one other thing I did this week....

Shanna Starship: Do tell

Kat Lemieux: Gary and I went up to Wimberley to KAPS to talk about the proposed Hill Country CoLab/makerspace
We met the KAPS physics teacher, who will be attending the Geekdom "fireside chat" with us a week from Monday.

Shanna Starship: Very cool :-)

Kat Lemieux: He's heard of SineSpace, although didn't say if he's got an account there
Anyway, the two students who were at the afterschool program sat in on our discussion. Hunter and his little sister...

Shanna Starship: :-D

Kat Lemieux: I don't recall the girl's name, but she wants to do game development.
So I encouraged her to look into Unity3D, and she took notes ;-)

Shanna Starship: Coolness :-)

Kat Lemieux: One of the ideas I've proposed is that we could offer internships to KAPS students who are interested

Shanna Starship: Great idea!

Kat Lemieux: Yep. And it does appear that we're going to be getting a makerspace of some sort started at KAPS, if we can figure out the logistics of avoiding problems with regulations regarding interactions with students.
Parental waivers were mentioned

Shanna Starship: Ahhh....good luck.

Kat Lemieux: Yeah, Texas may be a bit better for that than say, California or New York, but it's still a concern

Shanna Starship: I'm sure something can be arranged, but I can also see how it might get...complicated.
Shanna Starship nods

Kat Lemieux: Ye
And speaking of K-12, did I tell you about sending a friend request to the guy in SineSpace who invited ISM to create a "floor" in his K12 region?
This is someone the lady who came to talk to us about SineSpace mentioned

Shanna Starship: Oh, yes.
Shanna Starship nods

Kat Lemieux: So I need to go to SS and check on all these feelers

Mally McGinnis: Hello

Kat Lemieux: Hi Mally

Shanna Starship: Hello Mally :-)

Kat Lemieux: Sorry we kicked you out earlier. We thought you were "ghosted"

Mally McGinnis: I haven't figured out what time this starts yet. I came earlier, but I got called away... ah, no problem

Shanna Starship: 4:30 pm grid time

Kat Lemieux: OK.. We have it listed on the ISM calendar, and it may also be on the Kitely Community Calendar

Mally McGinnis: The events calendar says 6. I knew something was wrong. I got here last week, and no one else was here.

Kat Lemieux: Right now we're doing the VR/AR meeting, and the builders group meets later this afternoon

Shanna Starship: There is a Builders meeting at 6pm SL time in Second Life.
This is the AR/VR meeting.

Kat Lemieux: We've been holding the builders meetings in Second Life lately

Mally McGinnis: The builders may be the one I'm aiming for anyway.

Shanna Starship: Okay
Feel free to have a seat. :-)
Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Kat Lemieux: OK. Did Mike or Rosa invite you to the group?

Mally McGinnis: You know; I don't remember who suggested I'd like it. Maybe Rosa Alekseev

Shanna Starship: np :-)

Kat Lemieux: Ah, yeah, could be.
What kind of virtual building do you do?

Mally McGinnis: I love building plants. Other things, too, but those especially. If you have a moment, I could show you my forest. It's the set for a puzzle game I want to build. Lemme give you a LM.

Kat Lemieux: Thanks!

Shanna Starship: Coolness :-)

Kat Lemieux: I'll check it out, thanks
You do know we're mostly interested in building spacecraft here?

Mally McGinnis: I found my way into SL about 10 years ago, and discovered Arcadia Asylum. I ran a museum and library of her stuff for years. Eventually, we met and became friends. I miss her.

Shanna Starship: As for Builders coming up in SL in half an hour, given the holiday weekend, I think I'm just planning on signing in as BetaGeek and playing with the tour pods.
Oh, awesome!
(and, yeah, no doubt...)

Mally McGinnis: You're meeting in SL tonight?

Shanna Starship: That's where the Builders meeting would normally be, at the main landing point in the Spaceport Alpha region.

Kat Lemieux: Well, if Shanna wants input about the tours, I'll come, but it might be a good time for me to visit SineSpace instead

Shanna Starship: We've joined LL's new "Learning Islands" program, so we're working on updating some really old stuff and making it a bit more user-friendly for newcomers.
The main thing right now is replacing old, borked region tours with a set of Yavanna's tour pods.

Kat Lemieux: We're planning to use SineSpace as a place to prototype some VR content for an eventual Unity3D app

Mally McGinnis: I didn't know about that

Shanna Starship: Just at the very beginning of the process.

Kat Lemieux: We have lots of projects going on, obviously.

Shanna Starship: Yeah, right now I'm probably going to be pretty incommunicado there, just setting up a couple very basic test runs.
Input will be very much appreciated later.

Kat Lemieux: OK

Shanna Starship: Indeed, Kat.

Mally McGinnis: Well, I'll let you all get back to what you were doing. Sorry I was late. Next time.

Shanna Starship: Not a problem, Mally

Kat Lemieux: NP. Nice to meet you!
Interesting. Plants, huh?

Shanna Starship: Would be interesting to check them out, especially to see which technique(s) he uses.

Kat Lemieux: Yep

Shanna Starship: Oh, while I'm thinking of it...

Kat Lemieux: Well, that's just about all I had for today.... yes?

Shanna Starship: ...is there anything over at SineSpace right now that would benefit from our being in the same place at the same time?

Kat Lemieux: I'm not sure. It all would depend on whether we could figure out what's going on with the lack of editing ability

Shanna Starship: Gotcha
I'll just do the SL thing for now.

Kat Lemieux: I suspect what's required is creating separate "floors" for each admin to edit
But that doesn't really make much sense if you want to collaborate

Shanna Starship: Hmm...yeah...they might not be thinking about that so much so far.
Shall we call it a wrap and go take a quick look at plants?

Kat Lemieux: OK

Shanna Starship: Wheee!

Kat Lemieux: See you at Dawson Forest!

Mally McGinnis: Welcome!

Kat Lemieux: Wow!

Mally McGinnis: Wander around if you like.

Shanna Starship: Lush!

Mally McGinnis: Thanks :)

Kat Lemieux: Thanks!
This is lovely

Shanna Starship: This mix actually reminds me of the property I grew up on in Oregon's Willamette Valley. :-)

Mally McGinnis: Thank you. Space travel often includes a garden for a number of reasons.

Shanna Starship: Absolutely!

Mally McGinnis: I wonder what plants look like on other worlds?

Shanna Starship: Excellent question!

Kat Lemieux: If any

Shanna Starship: I hope we get some answers sooner rather than later. :-)

Mally McGinnis: We can imagine them until then.

Kat Lemieux: Yep

Shanna Starship: I've gotta get going....BetaGeek will be doing the pod thing at the top of the hour.
Thanks for sharing this with us. :-D

Mally McGinnis: Oh, thanks, Shanna; just saw your comment about having grown up near a place like this.

Shanna Starship: Yep :-) My folks still live there.

Kat Lemieux: OK. I'll be heading over to SineSpace to see what's going on there. We're new to that world, and still trying to figure it out.

Mally McGinnis: Thanks for coming to vist.

Shanna Starship: Take care!

Mally McGinnis: Later!

Kat Lemieux: Thanks for inviting us! Maybe see you next week!

Mally McGinnis: Bye
Kat Lemieux
a.k.a. Kat Prawl IRL
President, ISMusuem
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